UK GTBS Goldstar 2013 Winner Joy Raymond Hedgehog Corner

Our Green Credentials


The Overall UK  Winner of the GTBS Goldstar 2013 for Guest Accommodation

Hedgehog Corner already has the annually inspected Gold Award  from Green Tourism in Business and was chosen by The Sunday Times  for inclusion in the Going Green Category of "The Full English: The Top 100 Finest Places to Stay in England".

Wildlife Friendly Certificate of Merit Lyme Regis 2013.


Joy Raymond & Satish Kumar, editor of Resurgence and Ecologist magazine,Satish Kumar

Editor of Resurgence and Ecologist magazine

presenting Joy with the:

GTBS UK Goldstar Award 2013

Supporting Devon Environmental Business Initiative Member

The Green Business inspector's comments from his most recent visit were: "The site was a pleasure to revisit and quite inspirational in terms of the amount of work that Joy has undertaken since the previous assessment - nearly all the recommendations from last time have really been taken on board".  

East Devon's Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

East Devon AONBsupported by Hedgehog Corner

Electric Car Charge Point

Free of charge for guests to use!  Here and at Goodlands our larger holiday cottage.  

We are delighted with our latest green initiative for guests use.

In fact our next car will be an electric one so we too can benefit from this fantastic facility here on our premises.

Ian Crabbe of Evergreen Renewable Energy based in Lyme Regis came and fitted it for us - my next car will have to be electric!  



Hedgehog Corner RacoonVisit Axe Valley Bird and Animal Park

A wonderful sanctuary just along the A35 where we sponsor the racoons. Please give us an update on them when you return.

Our Wildlife Friendly Certificate of Merit 2013

Delighted to have received this at Hedgehog Corner from The Lyme Regis Gardens Competition Judges this year for our lavender beds for bees, logs for wildlife habitat and bird feeders and nesting boxes amongst other features which you can see when you stay.

Green Statement and Policy

At Hedgehog Corner we are committed to preserving the quality of our Area of Outstanding Beauty. We have forged excellent relationships with our suppliers and continue to explore ways of improving our good practice, reduce costs and improve efficiency in all areas wherever possible.

Axe Valley Bird & Animal Park

We have recently installed solar photovaltaic systems on the roofs and at our family self-catering cottage Goodlands using  local exemplary firm

Hedgehog Corner White Flowers


We have moved over to ethical and eco friendly products wherever possible. Light bulbs are replaced. More purchases, particularly from the "Ecover" and "Bio" range for the running and care of our properties (i.e. loo roll, kitchen rolls, paper and cleaning products) are being bought from the ethical superstore We also support who have a small donation every time we shop with the Ethical Superstore.

There is a shop in Lyme Regis "ECO Logical" which our visitors may like to visit along with the Town Mill which sells their own ground floor, The Town Mill Cheesemonger has an incredible range of cheese and fresh fish is available from The Old Watch House on the Cobb. 

Toiletries in our Bathrooms

Ecossential Elements moisturizer, soap and shower gel are based on natural and organic extracts, packed in recyclable and biodegradable materials.  No products are tested on animals. Soaps and liquids are enriched with organic Aloe Vera.

Local Produce

Hedgehog Corner Apple JuiceWe have a water softener at Hedgehog Corner and it is safe to drink for drinking water.The Kinetico water softener is extremely economical for us in that we don't get lime scale. Softened water has a silky feel and helps keep our heating system clear.  


The central heating and Heatsave raditators have thermostatic valves so you can adjust your heat accordingly. The property is double glazed with insulation in the roof and pipes are well lagged to stop energy escaping. Many of our appliances, including the boiler, are relatively new and thus energy efficient.

We have a Quooker (kitchen tap) in the for instant energy efficient instant boiling water in Acorns and our home - standby cost 3p per day!  We highly recommend this product and happy to give a demonstration for anyone interested in buying one.

The toilets have twin flushes – the smaller button for the short flush – or are modern 6 litre flushes.

We are pleased to have recently installed PV Solar Panels to reduce our electrical consumption and a free electric car charger for guests to use here and at our large Holiday bungalow, Goodlands near here.

Linen is line dried where practicable.

Hedgehog Corner Bird FeederWildlife

Opposite is a photograph of the bird feeder in the garden. For the wildlife we have a wonderful natural habitat with pure meadow grass. In the field are foxes, badgers, deer and rabbits which can all be spotted. There are bird feeders dotted around the grounds with flora and fauna that has been undisturbed for years. We sponsor the racoons at Axe Valley Bird and Animal Park which is nearby and encourage visitors to the Axe Valley Wetlands a local Council conservation initiative.


We have an approved private contractor Viridor. Certain criteria have to be met by both parties regarding our waste disposal.  Our brown water waste goes to our own garden Klargester bio digester which clarifies the waste which then runs to the ditch.  Eco friendly laundry products are provided for your use (Bio liquid/Ecover) and we avoid bleach which upsets the tanks natural working process. We also make good use of the clothes and shoes recycling and charity bins provided by the council in local car parks and recycle worn sheets.


Colmer's HillLocal Art

Local photographer Nigel Cook's work feature with local artist Hilary Buckley's paintings and pastels at Goodlands our holiday cottage. This is Hilary's version of nearby Comer Hill on the road to Bridport..  


We have an online booking system which reduces the need for some paper and postal services. 


Hedgehog Holly - the Illex aquifoliurn ferox Argentea which is the spiny cream-margined leaves and also known as 'Hedgehog Holly' - the ferox in Latin meaning fierce!  There is some in various spots around Hedgehog Corner. 

                             and Cowslips in the garden Cowslips at Hedgehog Corner



Useful information for seeing nature first hand.

Dodpen and Woodhouse Riding Stables See our news article for more information and contact details

Walking in the area See for information on over 3,000 miles of footpaths

BikeTrails See Marshwood Trails, you won't need to worry about hills on one of their incredible electric bikes as they provide assistance just when you need it.

Lyme Regis Cycles Open 7 days a week, 8am - 8pm based in nearby Lyme Regis, cycle hire, purchase, servicing & repairs. 07522 799242

We hope you have enjoyed reading our contribution on an increasingly important subject.