General Introduction followed by Hot Tub Safe Use Guide followed by detailed property information and then further down additional Safe Use guide for Nutkins the Shepherd Hut which covers the wood burner, fire pit and BBQ etc. It is a  condition of your stay, from our insurers,  to read Safe Use Guides please.

We welcome all and make every endeavour to meet guests needs. Just send via our contact form on this web site to discuss any individual requirements i.e.allergies.

Below you will find information on How to Use the Hot Tub and Property Information.

Your Safety for Peace of Mind

I should like to reassure guests this is a professionally run establishment of some 22 years in business complying with regulations pertaining to COVID Safety, Business Public Liability Insurance, Fire, Health and Safety, Food Safety, Hot Tub HSE Safety Guidelines in place, ICO registered (for data), PAT testing.  Secure web site with SSL security certificate also with Pay Pal payments for security. Book with me with confidence.

A copy of our fire risk assessment is available upon request, as per legal requirement 1.10.23.

Fire Safety guide below.

East Devon Council Environmental Inspection Certification Grade 5 covering Hot Tubs.

Information about your own Hot Tub and how to use it can be found below.

I hope guests will be reassured to learn that I provide the correct business insurance, H&S, Hot Tub Safety, ICO for Data Protection, fire safety protection, and electrical certifications plus a high standard of property cleanliness for my guests.

World Travel Tourism Council Safe Travel Stamp

How to use the Hot Tub from 8am – 11pm

Full information below and how to operate guide at all properties with a Health & Safety Sign next to each Tub.

Use Hot Tub at your own Risk.  No solo bathing, 2nd adult must be nearby, a stipulation of our insurance.  Familiarise yourself with the Emergency Switch Off on wall near hot tub.

Heated up to 38c.  Please wear swimwear, shower before and after use (in case of chlorine sanitiser bleaching to your swimwear).  Please use the specific Hot Tub towels provided.  Also, plastic slip-on sandals and slippers provided.

Please no smoking when in Hot Tub. On a sunny day the sun will reflect off the water – causing sun burn.  Use huge 2.7m x 2.7m patio cantilever umbrella provided for Acorns and Pagoda shelter for Retreat hot tub.  Nutkins is open air.

Please follow these safety rules

For the use of guests at Hedgehog Corner only

  • HOT TUBS:  3 small steps to get in (80cm high and 200cm wide). Contact Joy for more information.
  • Each hot tub has a ‘lid lifter’ – photos and description below & at property and usually a demonstration on arrival.
  • Guests are advised to grip side of Hot Tub and move slowly when getting in and out of Tub.
  • We check the sanitisation of the Hot Tubs on a daily basis (without disturbing guests).
  • Chlorine sanitiser is use in Hot Tub – rinse bathing suits after use.
  • One of the choices in the Hot Tub light sequences is “Disco” flashing lights.
  • No solo bathing and no use by children aged 16 and under
  • In emergency switch off at main switch on wall.
  • Acorns has huge 2.7m x 2.7m cantilever umbrella for rain or sun
  • Retreat has a roofed pergola over hot tub
  • Nutkins is open air
  • Replace lid after use or £50 fee (if lid left off unreasonably and tub is cold) to reheat due to volume of water

Use Hot Tub easy lid lifter and cover handles when moving cover

To remove cover lift one half up and back over with handle first then slide into Tub Lifter and tilt lifter upward – picture guide in Hot Tub Towel Plastic Box with each property.  In Retreat by door.  In Acorns in bedroom. In tub towel box beside tub at Nutkins.

Do not sit or lie down on Hot Tub cover when on or off

Turn off jets after use by returning the large grey/black knobs back to off.

Garden Lights are on sensor.

Do not use fake tan, sun lotion, soaps or oils in Tub

Tie up long or dyed hair.

Shower before using Tub

No Smoking when in Tub

Limit your soak to 15 minutes and cool off before re entry.

Excessive prolonged soaking will induce dizzy spells, dehydration and other medical issues.

No children or babies to use Tub

Use Tub Towels provided

Pause between pressing the Hot Tub buttons or you will kick in another filter cycle.

The Hot Tub filters twice a day.

You may get out of the Hot Tub & turn the “bubbles” grey knobs off & it still “filters”.

The Hot Tub regulates itself temperature of up to 38c (*varies)

No glass to be used, left or placed near tub – use polycarbonate ones provided and wash by hand after use

Do not use alcohol, narcotics or medications in Tub or before use of Tub

Consult doctor if elderly or have heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, serious illness or have had diarrhoea within 14 days

Do not enter if temperature more than 104F or 40C

Jets stop every 20 minutes automatically to ensure you take a break

Please let me know if anything isn’t working so I can get it fixed – I am not a dragon

Fortunately we now carry a fully operational spare Hot Tub near your property in the owners garden.

Property Information for Acorns Apartment, The Retreat Cottage and Nutkins the Shepherd Hut.

Welcome to Excellence accreditation in all categories

Acorns and Retreat properties level ground floor inside.  Nutkins 4 steps, no rail, but level inside.

Acorns has 3 easy risers to entrance and 1 easy riser to door. More suitable for those with some impaired mobility.

Retreat has approx 10 steps to entrance.

Nutkins has several wooden steps to front door and no hand rail.

Assistance dogs i.e. guide and hearing dogs most welcome.

Fire Safety

In the event of fire evacuate the property, get out, do not attempt to fight fire.  No candles or smoking inside property. A copy of our fire risk assessment is available upon request, as per legal requirement 1.10.23.  Exit doors have thumb turns, fire alarms are in place, bedrooms have fire doors, please shut all doors at night.


  • Website: ICO registered, SSL secure
  • Pay Pal secure payments for bookings
  • Clear tariff on web site online booking and given via email or phone call with booking confirmation
  • Codes for entrance gate and key safe box given after booking with directions.
  • Prior phone calls, emails or visits for inspection welcomed. Video of accommodation on this web site.
  • Detailed information on local services given on booking: Nearest train station Axminster (approx. 2 miles away).
  • Bus X51 & X53 from Axminster station to top of our road (approx 500 meters walk, no pavement, no street lights).
  • Taxi numbers available on web site & at properties.  Approx. 5 minutes taxi ride. Taxis pick up outside main gate.
  • Google map on web site.
  • No collection service provided by us is available as this would contravene local council guidelines as we are not a licensed taxi firm.
  • Key Safe Box Code – emailed to you 6 & 2 days prior arrival.  Bring it with you!
  • Blue Badge parking and radar toilets in local towns of Axminster, Lyme Regis, Charmouth, Seaton and Beer. Further information available on arrival.
  • Staff on site to assist guests  24/7
  • Non smoking inside of properties.

Arrival and Car Parking Facilities (Arrivals welcome from 3pm. – 8pm. and later by arrangement)

Electric Car Charger Type 2 at Hedgehog Corner. tariff given on arrival (your car battery size x our electric kw tariff) payable on arrival.

  • Plenty of on-site, well-lit, secure, spacious, signed private car parking. Drive is on a slight slope.
    *Acorns can have parking for those with impaired mobility on request
  • Code for Electric Sliding Gate given after booking.  Gate fob with property key for after arrival.
  • Electric gate closes behind you and has every safety feature as legally required: emergency stops/lazer/soft edges.
  • Level bag drop off point at front door RECEPTION for Acorns.  Acorns on request easier flat ground parking
  • Main Car Park at top of drive.
  • Tarmac driveway and advisory signs for those with leather soled shoes.
  • Speed calming bump on driveway.
  • Contact phone numbers displayed in porch.
  • Sorry we cannot accommodate your pets or accompanying children under 18 years of age.
  • Clear signage in place on the road and property for arrivals, roadside house name, parking and reception.
  • Route from car park to entrance on slight slope.
  • Well lit with sensor lights. Emergency Torch at Retreat entrance Gate and in Main Reception Porch.
  • Steps to Retreat and Acorns are easy risers. Retreat has approx 10 steps, Acorns 3.  Nutkins has 4 steps to its door and no rail
  • Flat shoes recommended for Nutkins as uneven surfaces outside and oak floor inside
  • Arrival time 3pm – 8pm please. Joy usually at Reception of main house (well signed)
  • Late arrivals by prior notice. Key safe is sent in advance to you by phone, text and or e mail.
  • Bring gate key safe code with you!  They are emailed 6 & 2 days prior to arrival.
  • Only the EV charger may be used to charge cars – no leads or plugs out of properties as fire & trip risk. Fee applies, payable on arrival.

Parking in Lyme Regis for those with Mobility Issues
please contact Lyme Regis Town Council for information.

 Main Entrance, Reception Area

  • Well-lit
  • Key with tab and mobile contact number in KEY SAFE BOX on arrival.
  • Host Joy is invariably around at Reception if required and available 24/7
  • Level ground floor accommodation and flooring in Retreat & Acorns. Nutkins has steps to entrance, level inside.
  • Provision for service dogs, water bowl, exercise area, bedding.
  • Free public Wifi.
  • No grab rails in public areas.
  • All properties are exclusively for adults.


  • All guests requiring wet clothes to be dried are catered for with washer driers and airer, iron and board in Acorns and Retreat property.
  • Nutkins has no washing or dishwasher. Utility room has additional sink, clothes horse, board & iron provided.
  • Please don’t drip wet swim wear on property floors – use shower, clothes airer or outside chair etc.
  • Walkers can wash and dry boots overnight. Public water taps in car park.
  • Laundry for your bedding is washed with bio eco products.

Bedrooms and Sleeping Areas

  • No bedrooms are suitable for wheel chair use.
  • TVs have Freeview and Teletext.
  • No TV in Nutkins, but excellent fast wi fi to download on your devices
  • Routes in bedrooms unobstructed.
  • Bedding: provided with full linen and towels.
  • Hypoallergenic coverless duvets from Night Owl at ‘The Fine Bedding Company’
  • Extra Pillows, sheet & blanket provided in wardrobe of Retreat and Acorns. *Nutkins guests also have extra blankets
  • Please Notify us of any allergies, cushions have feathers
  • Nutkins is an easy pull down ready made double bed
  • Nutkins bed is not suitable for very heavy guests
  • Nutkins, mind fingers when securing bed safe metal security bars
  • Nutkins, never stand on bed
  • Nutkins, tuck in bedding before closing bed back, retract bed bars fully, return slowly
  • Acorns Tempura Memory Foam mattress. Brass double bed.
  • Information book provided
  • Iron and board provided:   Hair drier, torch and walking hi-vis jackets.
  • Heating Radiators with thermostatic controls, electric fan heater and cooling fan.
  • Never cover any electric heating radiator.
  • Pet free.
  • Cushions – most stuffed with feathers


  • Floor surfaces – vinyl laminate, oak,  and tiled
  • Taps are lever. Just ask for detailed information
  • Shower/bath non slip mats provided
  • Slipper bath in Acorns has no handles on side of bath
  • Large shower cubicle door in Acorns & medium sized doors in Retreat
  • Nutkins has a small shower cubicle, not suitable for very wide guests

Grounds and Gardens

  • Laid to lawn with surrounding flower beds
  • Each property has a summer garden furniture
  • Nutkins Shepherd hut also has an electric BBQ
  • Gardens: level access and step access
  • Security cameras in car park, drive and Reception – signs in place
  • Car access to field or walking.
  • STEPS:  10 to Retreat, 3 to Acorns.  Easy risers
  • Nutkins has a tarred path to a pebbled courtyard
  • Nutkins has a meadow to roam – note some cut away grass platforms on some edges
  • Nutkins meadow uneven and may well have rabbit holes – walk with caution
  • Nutkins: recommend soft bags for luggage
  • Nutkins: soft shoes only inside – slippers provided


Never cover wood burner with clothes or towels as it will catch fire.
Wood Burner Heat gloves provided.  We clean wood burner grate after your departure.  Keep doors closed, keep fuel away from wood burner.  Close air draft when leaving hut. Only use fuel provided.  Never use sticks picked up from field as they are not dried properly and will smoke setting off alarms and damage burner.

Electric BBQ, after use please remove lead and store in plastic box provided. When cool and off and un plugged at mains, wipe off grill with damp cloth provided. Insert drip tray beneath.   If BBQ fat flare up, turn BBQ off at mains, throw salt provided over grill and leave to burn off.  We clean after departure but please put grill in large soaker provided with soapy water on departure.

Electric Plinth Heater: Never cover with i.e bedding or cushions.  Turn on at mains up under seat lid (lift), check plinth level switches on.  Turn on at white box.  Wi fi signal on white box indicates it is on.  Temp set to 19, max 25.

Fire Pit, keep away from hut at all times, when alight or cooling as embers can start up again.
2 sand buckets for out of control fire provided for fire pit. Always use spark guard provided and poker to lift guard on and off.

FUEL:  a reasonable amount of eco briquettes, kindling and starter lights provided.  Extra pack £10.   Only eco briquettes can be used in wood burner,  sticks from field are damp/wet and will smoke setting off alarms in hut.

Additional Information

  • Evacuation procedures on information sheet. Assembly point marked in car park.  Full fire emergency lighting in place and fire extinguishers.
  • Staff have attended ‘Welcome All’ courses and courses in Customer Service, Food Safety, Fire Safety and Health & Safety.
  • Service dogs welcome.
  • Non smoking policy throughout inside of properties.
  • We do not have background music.  Staff on hand to assist with contact numbers in rooms and public areas inside and outside of property.
  • Enclosed garden at Retreat.  Enclosed Terrace at Acorns.  Nutkins screened pebble area and meadow with ruts and rabbit holes.
  • We do not accept liability for recommended services or activities provided by a third party supplier
  • Lost Keys £50 each and Fob £50
  • Fee £50 to reheat hot tub if lid left off unreasonably and it goes cold, due to volume of water or filled with foam, sun tan lotion or fake tan.
  • Damage and fire damage must be paid for.

Fire Safety – For your peace of mind we comply with the Fire Safety Order of 2005 – which is pertinent to all Guest Accommodations – which includes smoke, heat, carbon alarms, annually checked fire extinguishers (owner trained to use) and annual PAT testing with regular servicing inspections of all appliances.

Or just phone for a chat to see if we can meet your requirements. Assistance dogs i.e. guide and hearing dogs most welcome.


Hedgehog Corner Guest Accommodation
Lyme Road (B3165)
Uplyme, Nr. Axminster
Devon EX13 5SU

Email: please use contact form

Future Plans

To endeavour to welcome all and make and add improvements and equipment whenever and wherever possible as the opportunities arise.


We welcome your feedback to help us continually improve.

If you have any comments please get in touch.

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